Maximum comfort in the office

Maximum comfort in the office

Mechanical and controlled ventilation systems in recreation rooms.

CMP mechanical and controlled ventilation is a innovative system that allows the air recirculation in environments, making them healthier for people.

When planning a living place nowadays, the main objective is to create a comfortable environment. We achieve this comfort by using sealer material and great doors and windows. This gives the building greater energy efficiency and economic saving.
The place where we live doesn’t have to be completely sealed up because human presence involves the production of smells and vapor and it’s necessary to support good air recycling through a proper ventilation system.

The installation of a ventilation system in recreation rooms creates a comfortable place and provides a gentle breeze on the skin. In this way it’s possible to do recreational activities comfortably; to keep the ventilated air always cool and to guarantee ideal thermal conditions. Our Zefiro Easy performs the task perfectly. The slight noise and the versatility of the installation make them apt for every situation: small basement rooms, recreation rooms, large meeting rooms.

To ensure the correct ventilation of the environment, it is important to have the windows open: offices, halls and meeting rooms need  a constant air recycling to guarantee a healthy microclimate.
Efficient assistance is given by the automatic ventilation system that supports and accelerates the exiting of stagnant air to the outside, cool and clean air and bringing in the cleaned air (coming from the outside).

The association of natural and controlled mechanical ventilation improves the quality of life and helps fight mildew that is born on walls and ceilings. Furthermore, energy efficiency is guaranteed.

Calculating of the ventilation requirements

In order to gain the best efficiency of the controlled ventilation, it is necessary that a competent technician studies the appropriate placement. This is because when planning a ventilation system is important to consider a lot of different elements.

CMP Ventilation’s years of experience  allow them to calculate the right air flow so that it is continuous and guarantees good quality of the air inside. During development we also consider also the dimensions of the place to be ventilated and its functions.


24 May 2015